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Dating Tips for Men Who Have no idea About First Dates

It is a fact that males are, more often than not, clueless when it comes to dating. So, here are some dating strategies for men who have no clue. This list includes some dos and don'ts to creating a perfect first date.

First, it is actually okay to suggest a drink instead of dinner for your perfect first date. Using the rise of the cafes and similar establishments, it will likely be quite easy to ask your date to go out and grab coffee or something like that. Believe it or not, not all women look forward to a dull four-course meal. In fact, going on a drink can help break the ice. By doing this, you'll be able to get to know one another with no awkwardness a dinner date brings most people.

Second, be aware that the weekend is not meant for first dates. An initial date should keep you wanting more, therefore, get it done on a weekday. This way, you will have a reason to finish your date early. And since the weekend is not meant for dates, don't try to call her on a weekend either. If you have a date looking for Monday evening, check up on her in the morning.

Third, be sure to leave her you home number. Not doing this is only going to lead her to think that you simply probably already have a wife and kid in your own home.

Fourth, if you actually want to surprise her with something special, at least offer her an idea on what to put on. You wouldn't like her to buy a new dress if you are planning to take her on a hike nor skiing, now, would you?

Fifth, location is the key. Never select a location that is conveniently close to you. That would only show that since you wouldn't even go the distance in picking location, maybe you could be just like that when it comes to relationships.

Sixth, always compliment your date! Just because you realize you are having a beautiful woman, does not mean she knows how pretty she looks. She put in so much effort into appearing like that, so put in an effort to tell her exactly that.

Seventh, women are very sensitive. So, try to watch her signals too! Generally is she touches your arm then she's interested. Once she touches your leg, i quickly guess you already know what which means.

Lastly, when in doubt, don't allow your cluelessness win. Just hold her hand. These are just basic dating strategies for men that don't know better. Just keep these in your mind and you will soon be a pro.

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