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Welcome to Salespoint 5 Framework Wiki.
To get started with Salespoint 5 check out our tutorials.
If you want to have more information and get deeper into Salespoint 5 check out documentations.
Below you find quicklinks to all themes.


installing and configuring Eclipse
eclipse link external
EclipseLink will map your data into a database (ORM - Object-Relational Mapping).
Videoautomat 5


Contains all common mistakes and problems and how to solve them.


LINK: Technical overview: How the classes an packages work together LINK: JavaDoc: contains the description/usage of all classes and their methodes.


Forum Make shure you have checkt out FAQ befor. It could already provide an answer for you. If not: search the forum and if you still don’t find and answer make a new post. (This will help you and us not to answer all Questions over and over again: thanks)

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